New Semester New Beginnings

By now your students have become fully acclimated with their new classes, and settling into a fresh routine. For some students this change can be daun... [More]

Everyday Mundane Tasks

In addition to studying, going to class, hanging out with friends, and getting involved in clubs and activities, our kids also need to do the everyday... [More]

Getting Involved

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Watch for Signs

Are you worried that you haven’t heard from your student in days? Do you sit around thinking the worst has happened? Don’t fret; it’... [More]

The Changing Parent/Child Relationship

Its hard d to believe that the warm, sunny days of summer have gone and our kids are off to college for the first time or are returning back to a fami... [More]

RU Spirit

My daughter just successfully completed her first year at Rutgers and wow it sure went so fast!  I recall, like it was yesterday, her excitement ... [More]

The Art of the College Transfer Process

While many students find the right college and stay there for four years, statistics suggest that there is a good chance that they may consider a tran... [More]

To Study Abroad or Not to Study Abroad

When my daughter initially approached me about a study abroad program in Australia this coming summer, I was not very supportive.  Everything fro... [More]

7:00 AM Phone Call

I’ve debated whether or not to tell this story, for fear of embarrassing Frasier*, but I’ve decided to tell the story because as minor of ... [More]

When a Sibling Leaves for College

I have two sons, the oldest bring a Freshman at Rutgers this year.  The younger one is a Junior in high school.  I’m going to call the... [More]